From a country-wise analysis of external factor impacts on Covid-19 cases to predictions of future vaccination rates

In this article, we are going to walk through

  1. Relationships between variables such as a country’s poverty rates, life expectancy rates, stringency indices and, covid cases and deaths
  2. Vaccination rates per country and their predictions up until the end of June
  3. How I went about the data and the analyses (only the jupyter notebook part)
Covid Analysis dashboard — Image by Author

For the past year, covid-19 has captured the world’s attention. There are so many questions still unanswered about this virus that has caused havoc in the world. So literally any kind of analysis can bring about a better understanding and useful insights for ourselves and…

Tabular scraping of Covid-19 data — using worldometer as the source

Web scraping is among the most interesting aspects of data science. To be able to conduct your own analysis and prediction of any website’s data makes the field so much more exciting! The scope for data collection from websites through this process called web scraping is limitless. However, it isn’t as simple as copy-pasting on a word document. But thanks to the geniuses in the python community and the right amount of libraries out there like Scrapy, Selenium and BeautifulSoup, the process isn’t too tedious. …

Deepika Vijay

Data science enthusiast who enjoys a good read

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